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GRB Shared Services™ is a combination of the GRB Platform™ and HR services offered on a subscription basis for unlimited use.  GRB Shared Services™ is a solution specifically developed for the Federal sector. As an approved provider of the Retirement and Benefits Management core function of the HR Line of Business (HRLoB), GRB’s shared services include full retirement counseling and processing as well as complete benefits administration.  System applications include comprehensive employee self-service tools for retirement and benefits information and related transactions.


GRB’s seasoned professionals provide expertise, insight, regulatory guidance, and operational administration of retirement and benefits programs, specifically the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) programs, Health Insurance (FEHB), Life Insurance (FEGLI), and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) programs.  Experts are available to provide professional services and perform the tasks related to the administration of these federal programs.  GRB efficiently delivers these quality services through our Benefits Service Center (BSC) located in Alexandria, VA.


GRB provides one-on-one counseling to federal employees who are looking for support in understanding their federal benefits and guidance when making important decisions about their future.  GRB provides retirement counseling for Federal employees who are planning to retire or separate from Government service, or who require assistance in deciding between CSRS and FERS retirement coverage.


Counseling also is available to help you determine if you are in the wrong retirement system and whether you are eligible for relief under the Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act (FERCCA). If it is determined that you have a choice of retirement plans, GRB can provide you an in‐depth comparison of your benefits under each option. This comparison will include how much you can expect to receive under each retirement plan, including Social Security and Thrift Savings Plan benefits.


If you are interested in individual counseling services, you can begin by downloading our counseling packet: 



Today, divorces frequently require the distribution of retirement and/or survivor benefits to an employee’s former spouse. Both Federal and State laws can apply in these matters. Determining an equitable distribution of benefits between the parties to a divorce and drafting a "qualified court order" that will meet OPM’s requirements and accomplish exactly what is intended by the "order" or property settlement agreement generally requires the assistance of an expert.


GRB can provide assistance to employees, spouses of employees, and attorneys with respect to the valuation and division of pension benefits in divorce cases, including testifying in court as a qualified expert witness.

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