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Your Federal Employees Retirement System - 38th Edition (2024)

Your Federal Employees Retirement System - 38th Edition (2024)


"Your Federal Employees Retirement System" is a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference that explains the three types of retirement benefits payable to FERS employees.  Part 1 summarizes each benefit (Social Security, FERS, and the Thrift Savings Plan) and highlights other information that may be of use to retiring employees.  Parts 2 through 4 answer the most frequently asked questions about FERS retirement benefits, the Social Security program, and the Thrift Savings Plan.  Part 5 addresses issues that must be considered by employees who have the option to transfer to FERS and Part 6 is a comprehensive guide for preparing to retire.  The FERS book includes computation charts and tables to help you compute your own retirement benefits.

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