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Death Benefits

Course Highlights and Objectives

This course provides HR Specialists with detailed information (including manual computations) on survivor benefits payable to family members in the event of an employee’s or retiree’s death. The course covers the following topics:

  • The CSRS and FERS survivor benefits payable to surviving current (and former) spouses upon an employee’s or retiree’s death;

  • CSRS/FERS survivor benefits payable to children;

  • When a surviving spouse should make payments for civilian deposits, redeposits, and military deposits;

  • Survivor benefit issues for retiring employees;

  • The payment of TSP benefits upon the death of an employee or retiree;

  • Social Security survivor benefits for spouses (former spouses) and children;

  • Eligibility requirements for family members to continue FEHB coverage, including the Temporary Continuation of Coverage (TCC) rules;

  • Payment of life insurance benefits; and

  • Case studies.


Who Should Attend

Any person who is responsible for providing information to CSRS and FERS employees about their retirement benefits and for counseling their survivors.


Course Dates and Locations

This course is offered by GRB for on-site presentation at your agency. GRB can design or tailor courses to meet your unique needs. If you do not have a sufficient number of employees at your agency to justify on-site training, you may wish to sponsor on-site training for other Federal employees in your geographic area.

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