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Advanced Employee Benefits Training

Course Highlights and Objectives

This 3-day course builds on our Comprehensive Federal Employee Benefits training course, focusing on more complex situations. It will provide participants with the ability to:

  • Make special retirement coverage determinations (including service under other retirement systems);

  • Identify FERCCA cases and take appropriate actions;

  • Determine how service under other retirement systems may be credited;

  • Calculate difficult annuity computations (including special group retirements, annuities with part-time service, and the FERS Annuity Supplement);

  • Identify when Enhanced retirement, disability and survivor benefits entitlements apply

  • Determine benefits to spouses, former spouses, and survivors, including benefits for same-sex spouses;

  • Counsel employees on Workers’ compensation benefit entitlements;

  • Apply provision of USERRA and the impact of military service interrupting civilian employment;

  • Properly determine benefits for reemployed annuitants;

  • Acquire knowledge of Phased Retirements;

  • Apply special provisions for TSP, FEGLI and TSP Programs.

Course materials will serve as an outstanding desk-top manual containing detailed information, checklists, sample forms, and text. Participants are invited to bring their own specific issues and problems for individual attention from the instructor.


Who Should Attend

This 3-day comprehensive course will be extremely useful for those involved in providing employee benefits information to employees. This course is designed to enhance the knowledge of individuals who have already attained basic knowledge of employee benefits.


Course Dates and Locations

This course is offered by GRB for on-site presentation at your agency. GRB can design or tailor courses to meet your unique needs. If you do not have a sufficient number of employees at your agency to justify on-site training, you may wish to sponsor on-site training for other Federal employees in your geographic area.

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